Yield. Valuation. Fundamentals.

U.S. Small-Cap Value

  • Investment Philosophy: Undervalued stocks with a dividend yield and a fundamental catalyst provide the opportunity for superior long-term total returns
  • Market Capitalization:  Does not exceed the largest market capitalization in the Russell 2000 Value Index
  • Dividend Requirement:  Equal to or greater than 1%
  • Relative Valuation: 10 year history
           Price to Book
           Price to Earnings
           Price to Cash Flow
  • Fundamental Catalyst: Unique to company 
  • Activity:  Consistent execution of our well-defined buy/sell discipline leads to activity
  • Average Number of Holdings: 55-75
  • Inception Date: 6/30/1995
  • Investment Vehicles: Separate Account; Daily Valued Collective Trust