Responsible Investing

We believe understanding a company’s assessment and mitigation of material ESG risks may help us better evaluate the value of its publicly traded equity. Our portfolio teams review third party research to attempt to identify risks and opportunities as part of our bottom-up fundamental research process. This analysis and consideration are conducted in the context of assessing the company’s valuation and potential catalysts.

Since ESG risk factors affect the performance of publicly traded equities, ESG due diligence is a necessary part of our investment process, and we believe it can help contribute to excess returns.

View our ESG Compliance Policy.

Independent Scoring

We review ESG scores from independent outside providers (MSCI and Bloomberg) for companies in our investible universe to complement our internal ESG evaluations.

ESG assessments assist in identifying issues that may impact the company’s catalyst or future valuation.

ESG Analysis

We’ve integrated an assessment of ESG risk factors as part of our bottom-up fundamental research process. We attempt to identify and understand material ESG risk factors as part of our goal to achieve superior investment performance for our clients.

Portfolio Manager Approval

The portfolio manager must affirm to the DRZ Compliance team that material ESG considerations for that company have been reviewed before any individual security can be purchased.

For more details on DRZ’s ESG Compliance Policy and portfolio implementation, please contact us at [email protected].

DRZ is a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).